Feb 24, 2014

Should I pack away personal belongings for House Viewings ?

If you want to attract the best buyers for your home, you need to make sure that you give the best impression possible to the people who view your property.

When a buyer decides that they want to see the inside of your home it probably means that they are satisfied with the area, the ballpark figure quoted by your estate agent, and the size of the property. They are viewing your home so that they can see if they can imagine themselves living there.
Creatively staging your home helps buyers to visualize themselves settling in and building a life in the property. To give them the best chance to do this you will probably need to pack away some of your more personal belongings – the items that are your unique stamp on the place. 

Packing Away Your Belongings
If you have been living in your home for a long time, you have probably accumulated a lot of possessions. Some things can be thrown away or given to charity, and you should start doing that as soon as you're getting ready to move. However, there will be a lot of things that you want to take with you. Boxing those items up and putting them into storage before you show your home to buyers will make your move easier once the property does sell, and will help you impress potential buyers too.

Make Your Home Theirs
Your treasured possessions have a lot of meaning to you, but are not likely to appeal to your buyers. The holiday souvenirs on the mantelpiece are a reminder of your adventures, and send the message "this is my living room". The giant grandfather clock that cuts an imposing figure in the living room hardly makes it look like a fun place for kids to play, and the exercise equipment in the garage will make your viewers wonder if they can fit their car in there.

Even seemingly innocuous items such as framed diplomas or wedding photographs give away information about who you are, and that information may taint the buyer's view of the property. It may also be advisable to hide away any objects that give details about your identity or schedule, purely for the sake of privacy and security.

Make Your Home Neutral, But Welcoming

Staging a home does not involve putting every item into storage and making it look like a hotel room. You want to make your home look neutral, but lived in.  Tidy up your closets so that they appear clean and organised. Pack up some of your family photographs and any large, unusual looking ornaments. Turn your study into a simple, uncluttered computer room, rather than an area dominated by your chosen hobby. Your objective is to make sure that nothing in your home could possible cause offence, or drive away a prospective buyer.

Packing up your possessions and putting them away also helps you mentally prepare yourself for moving out of your home. It's easier to let go if you've already prepared yourself for the fact that you're leaving. These belongings will also be easier to transport and unpack when the time comes to put your stamp on a brand new home.

This article was written by Rebecca Fox on behalf of www.binghamselfstorage.co.uk.
Bingham Self Storage offers a variety of storage options for commercial and domestic customers. Located just outside of Nottingham, this family run company provides easily accessed secure storage spaces.
The service is great for anyone looking to move home, store for a business or simply declutter.

Spaces that Appeal to All Members of the Family- Kelowna Home Staging

prep12 Spaces that Appeal to All Members of the Family
  Angela is planning a major home redesign next month, in time for spring and, hopefully, to usher in the warmer weather with a fresher, more visually appealing ambiance. Her main dilemma, however, has always been trying to come up with an interior space those appeals to all members of her family. With her husband, two daughters, and a son, Angela needed to plan a home update that is very unisex and relatable to both male and female persuasions.
This early, Angela has already discussed plans and preferences with her husband and their kids, trying to collate their various tastes and styles. Combining and complementing the different textures and styles is a major part of her task ahead, but Angela has also made use of different resources that help her to conceptualize a and neutral home design effort.


prep11 Spaces that Appeal to All Members of the Family
The main idea behind Angela’s home update planning will be the color combinations. She is pairing up traditionally masculine colors, such as dark green, brown, and grey, with shades of pastel and a splattering of patterns and textures that play down the main color while accommodating the infusion of variety. Meanwhile, she is also considering utilizing the more feminine colors such as purple, pink, and yellow side-by-side with solid wood and brass fixtures, contrasting the elements for an interesting visual impact.

His and Her’s spaces

Men and women enjoy many of the same things, so Angela is designing interior nooks and spaces that appeal to both, such as reading corners by the windows (featuring leather and satin furniture), coffee tables and board game tables (mixing wood and metal elements), and a home entertainment centre that has both the modern large screen TVs and speakers, as well as scented candle sets, and colourful couch pillows and throws.

Flaws You Cannot Hide By Staging Your Home

Flaws You Cannot Hide By Staging Your Home

Feb 7, 2014

Clean Windows will MAKE you Money!

For many home owners it is for a better view however there are more important reasons such as curb appeal and image. When your home is maintained, it says a lot to a potential Buyer

How important is it to get your home ready for sale? 

Very! You have only one chance to make a great first impression. To achieve this, think in terms of a home that is well taken care of, sparkling clean, uncluttered and spacious. “It doesn’t matter if your home is absolutely i
Besides the obvious factor of keeping your home beautiful, did you know that one of the most important reasons for cleaning your windows is to protect it against glass degradation?

Over time glass can become permeated with hard minerals from sprinkler systems, water run-off, and acid rain. Glass left un-maintained over long periods of time can result in permanent damage through corrosion. 

A home that is well maintained adds value to a potential buyer. Therefore if you hope to get the most money for your investment, it is imperative that you keep your home well maintained both inside and out, and that includes windows!

"How you do one thing is how you do everything"; you will often hear me say that and clean windows are definitely an important 'thing". If you live in the Okanagan and would like more information on window cleaning, contact my friend and business colleague, Ash Burnell at Sun Valley Windows cleaners.

Feb 6, 2014

WHAT?? - I have too much stuff!

 What... I have too much stuff??Are you a compulsive collector who has too much stuff because you cannot  bear to put worthless    things in the garbage or throw anything away that is broken?  Do you have to have all your possessions on show, and hence always have a dusty house because it is so difficult to clean?  How do we help the proverbial pack rat?

Here are 5 steps to help Pack Rats free themselves from clutter and stress:

Step 1 – Act like you are about to move house. Take everything out of the room. (Do this one room at a time or the clutter bug just won’t cope!)

Step 2 – Bring back the most important things for the room. For example in a living room, the sofa, couch, chairs, TV, stereo, side tables

Step 3 – Work out where all the important things sit in the space. Move them so the space flows and that you can move freely around the room. Then sit down and have a look around, breathe in, how do you feel? You should feel liberated. You will find that your chest feels lighter; the air seems to flow better,

Step 4 – Start layering. Select a few things at a time to bring back into the room to decorate with. Paintings, pictures, a vase, a rug, lamps. Do it slowly and feel how the space is changing. Pick out the best items that you want to show, don’t use all of them. It is important that the room expresses your  personality, but we don’t need your whole life story in one room!

Step 5 – Stop! Yes, don’t keep going. Less is better in a room. Put all the remaining items in storage until you are happy with the new space. Then after a few weeks, sort through it all, keep what is reusable, and donate the rest to a good charity or sell it on eBay!

You can do this; we can cure the pack rat in you and possibly create a potential interior decorator out of you yet! Give it a go now!