May 17, 2008

Home Staging can improve the value of your house

As some first time buyers get priced out of the market and the housing market starts to slow a little, home owners may be reconsidering whether to sell or if already on the market may be thinking about reducing the price to encourage buyer interest.

Kym Tarr of ShoeString Interior ReDesigns says ‘If you prepare your property well before you put it on the market you will greatly improve the chances of achieving the asking price and your chances of selling quickly. If already on the market your home could benefit from a staging makeover which could turn the next viewing into a sale.’

ShoeString Home Staging offers a variety of services including consultations, detailed reports which suggest actions such as reducing or re-organizing some of the furniture & personal items. To on site staging where we utilize what you have or bring in our own inventory to accessorize rooms to create a more harmonious effect.

Home Staging before or after putting the house on the market?

Ideally a home should be professionally presented before being valued and marketed. This is common practice in the United States where Real Estate Agents have proved the increased value of property and speed of sales where properties are presented well. However in this country we are lagging behind a little, many home owners suffer from having to show around more viewers than necessary before they clinch the sale.

Buyers agree that when a house is not up to the standard they expect, they try to bargain price for the ‘work’ they perceive they will need to do. The solution is therefore to make the house as appealing as possible before the first buyer steps a foot over the threshold. Get the presentation right and the offers will follow.

Kym M. Tarr

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