Sep 24, 2008

Could you use a “personal coach”?

When I was ready to take my business forward, I realized that I really did not know where to start or how to juggle all the ideas and plans that were swarming in my head. I was going to need some help so that I still had a life outside of my business that I didn’t neglect my family, my friends or myself.

I need someone to help me to identify priorities and develop strategies that focused on developing my business and at the same time allowed me to reach my goals.

So I hired a “personal coach”. I wasn’t exactly sure of the whole idea at first, but learned that a coach is someone that takes you step-by-step as you work on your business, personal life, management and leadership.

I signed up for 3 months with Coach Cathy of Coaching with Cathy. The 3 months were most extraordinary! It felt good to know that I had someone in my corner that you could bounce ideas off of, who was not judgmental or critical. Someone who could get you back on track, even when things looked like they were overwhelming and uncertain.

I highly recommend hiring a “personal coach” to help you tap into your inner voice, and stay focused on your priorities. In doing so you will be able to pursue your passion, whatever it may be.
Kym M. Tarr
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