Jun 14, 2010

Is Home Staging Expensive?

Yes! It can be a very expensive mistake for a home seller not to have their property staged! With 80% of home buyers surfing the internet and pre screening homes, ask yourself does your property stand out when compared to others in your area and in the same price range? If it doesn't, why doesn't it?

Don't you want your property to sell quickly... so you can move closer to the kids, go live in Europe for awhile, or buy that cute little cottage down by the lake!

There is significant evidence out there that STAGING WORKS, so it is frustrating to watch home sellers take price reductions on the list price their home rather than stage it.

Perhaps it is because some just cannot see the VALUE in staging their home. They tell themselves that the current way of selling a home has always worked so why change. But with progress comes change, and part of that change is HOME STAGING.

Really when you think about it, would you sell your car without at least cleaning the junk out of it first. For that matter would you sell anything that you thought had value without fixing, repairing, updating it first. No Way!
You would want to get the most money for it as possible! You placed a value on the item when you purchased it and you would want whomever buys the item to perceive the same value. It is no different with your home, it is even more important. There is more money at stake!

So before you list your property for sale, or if your property is already listed contact a local real estate agent that is familiar with Home Staging and its benefits, then as a team you can work together to get the most value from likely the biggest investment in your life!