Jan 11, 2011

4 Easy Steps to a Perfect Living Room

A perfect living room can be created with practical storage and a modern scheme that caters for everyone and will show well while your home is on the market!


1. Choose versatile furniture like these modern gloss-finish pieces with simple lines, and team with neutral upholstery and a fresh yet warm color scheme.

2. Add a welcoming fireplace, feature wallpaper (yes! wallpaper is back in) and smart fabrics to create a really cozy, easy-on-the-eye space.

3. Keep your space well organized with baskets for toys and an entire wall of shelves and cupboards for books, games and DVDs.

4. If you have a home office in this area use unobtrusive furniture and streamlined storage so that it blends into the living room scheme. 

Use Wallpaper with Confidence 

Wallpaper's back in the form of bold prints and luxurious finishes. Here are some tips on how to incorporate it into your home.
It's easy to fall for a wonderful paper design, only to find it doesn't work in your space. To avoid disappointment, ask yourself...

Which room will it go in? A bright design might make your bedroom look funky, not necessarily that great for resale!

Which wall is it going on? A 'feature' wall needs to be seen to be appreciated, so opt for one facing a door for visual impact.

Will it size up to your space? Trendy over sized patterns work when there's enough wall to see them repeated. Conversely, small prints are lost in big rooms, but can come alive on small ones.

When will you use the room? Papers with metallic finishes or relief details need ambient light to be seen at their best

Choosing a Cleaning Service

How do you choose the right cleaning service for you… there are many factors involved. Here are a few pointers: When you contact a cleaning service, ask what all they do, exactly? …There are services out there that just do the basics. They dust, clean the toilets, and vacuum. Don’t assume that they do everything

Make a list of what you want done and ask them some questions like…
             Are the cleaning products included or do you have to supply them?    

  Do they come and see what you have? This is called an estimate, is it free or do they expect you to pay for it?     

 Do they use products that are good for you and the environment? If this is something that is important to you and your family, be sure to ask!

You need to ask these questions because these are some of the things that determine what the cost will be!
Now, to me, this is the most important question of all

Who is coming in to my home?

If you are looking for a service to clean your home on a regular basis you need to ask this question. This is a very important question because your home is your private space and I’m very sure you want to keep it that way! If the same people or person is the one coming in, you get to know them and they get to know you. This makes people care more about you and your belongings.

In summary…Make your list, make sure that the cleaning service you call does things that you wish to be done. Understand that cleaning and doing it right takes time, be prepared for that. Double check who is going to be there to do the work, and do a walk through to make sure you are happy with the work done.