Jan 1, 2011

5 Easy Fixes for a SALE READY Home!

Paint....fix paint problems, Personal colour choices should be toned down with a more neutral colour palette...which would include the lime green wall in your teenage daughter's bedroom (that she just had to have lol)! Also this would be the time do those touch ups that you have been putting off!

Pets... make sure to clean the litter box, remember to remove all pet food when home is being shown.  If home has a pet ensure carpets are cleaned really really good to eliminate  pet odors

Personal Stuff... buyers don't really want to see your vacation pictures.. how many grandchildren you have or your collection of ceramic unicorns this will distract their interest in your home so remove all personal items and collectibles.

Fixtures. Great time to update any and all worn or outdated fixtures, including lights.. if unable to purchase new, consider spray painting to incorporate a fresh clean look

Window Coverings... Make sure  all window coverings are in good repair and not dated or inappropriate for the window type.  If this is the case perhaps consider adding simple shear panels to windows... inexpensive and can certainly change the look of a room.