Mar 18, 2011

Cutting the Clutter

Most of us, thanks to advertising of all kinds, from   adverts at 10.00 pm at night for that juicy burger to the " you deserve it" hair colour campaigns, have learned to want every conceivable material object!
There are probably a ton of things in your home and your life that you either don't use, need or particularly even want... Clutter creates indecision, distractions and requires constant attention.  Some when  contemplating the prospect of cleaning out the garage almost faint at the thought, as it is almost too overwhelming.

 But don't worry!  there is a way to Cut The Clutter, without losing your mind first! First of all, you need to start thinking about where you need to start, rooms, closets... Personally I would start with the closets.. there is probably stuff in there that you have not used or seen in years! If so, this is a great opportunity to either give away, donate or sell what is hiding in there! Be happy about giving it away to someone who could really need it and love it!

However, if that is again a little bit too overwhelming for you then perhaps try some of the hints below:
  • Start with one room at a time.  Never start another room, unless you are done with the previous one.  Otherwise you will have a big pile of stuff on the floor and it will take you so much longer to accomplish your goal.
  • Start from the entrance, sort out all items which don't belong there.  You want to create a pleasant atmosphere at the entry point to your home
  • Every space is important when you are cutting the clutter, so make sure to look at all spaces, including under the bed!
Life becomes alot easier when you live in an organize home, and you will be surprised at how much more space you actually have now. Since your home speaks volumes about you, what are you waiting for! After all you are the one living in it!  So start  Cutting the Clutter in your home, and live your life with a huge difference!