Jan 3, 2012

Selling Your Home - The Importance of Kitchens and Baths

As you may know, kitchens and baths are usually the first two things buyers want to see when viewing a home that is on the market. 

These two rooms can be the easiest to stage for free, or for very little cost. For starters both rooms need to be CLEAN.  Which would mean scrubbing floors, tiles, counters, cupboards  and  tubs.  If these rooms are clean and smelling fresh it will leave the impression that the home is well cared for.

In the kitchen, you will want to remove all the items from the counters to show off all that space you have. In the bathroom, clear the counters of your personal items and tidy up the shelves in the shower and/or ledges around the tub.  If these are items that you use on a daily basis, I recommend to my clients that they purchase or reuse baskets to store items required and place under the sink neatly out of sight.

 If the bathroom is decorated for use by your children, you may want remove any wall or tub decals and stow away the bath toys. It would also be a good time to freshen the bathroom by purchasing a new shower curtain, rugs or towels if it is in your budget. If that is not in the cards, think about perhaps re purposing a single shear drapery panel  as a shower curtain.

One important thing is to NEVER, EVER, have carpeting in the bathroom (not even those fuzzy toilet covers…..ew!) 

These are just some low-cost or free home staging techniques. Of course there are other things that can be done, such as changing hardware, or painting cupboards, which are all relatively inexpensive changes when compared to a complete bathroom or kitchen remodel. 

You need to find what will work best you’re your budget, remembering though that buyers are willing to pay more for a property if these two areas of the home are modern, clean and up to date!